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In our December 3rd Edition ...

He started baking at home and his sourdough bread has become a local success.


We talk to Trent Hagerty owner of The Little River Bread Co about his move from home to a storefront in Canterbury.

Plus we look at some other stories making the headlines from across the region.

Listen to the podcast on ALL 6 of Hall's Radio stations serving Eastern Connecticut on Sunday's
WNLC - 6am
I-98.3   - 6.30am
WICH - 7.00am

WCTY - 9pm
WKNL - 9pm
And Monday's on
WILI    - 5.30pm
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Connecticut East This Week - is an Award Winning news magazine show highlighting the stories and topics of interest to the community of Eastern Connecticut.


The show takes a look at stories from the week  and interviews people, politicians, newsmakers and even the media reporting on those stories. 


The program covers a variety of topics from human interest stories, to business, health, crime and more.


Connecticut East This Week  can be listened to on this website and on our social media pages and on demand on your favorite podcasting platforms and smart devices as well as on traditional radio on SIX local radio stations serving Eastern CT.



Connecticut East This Week is looking for sponsors to help finance the production of the weekly show.


There are many ways to sponsor the show. 


You can be a main show sponsor, where your company name and logo will be branded at the top of the show and at the end, with a voice-over reinforcing your sponsorship of the show. Your message can be changed regularly to cover any special promotions you're doing or changes to your services


Or you can sponsor a segment of the show, like a story segment or a business or health segment.


For this your company name and a short message will appear at the top of the segment using a voice-over reinforcing your company's sponsorship of that part of the show.


Or you can supply content to us, made by yourself or in collaboration with the podcast creator, together with a fee for us to broadcast that content in the show and your content will be marked accordingly as - paid for promotion.


Sponsor costs vary and details of these fees are available by contacting us using the contact us form on this site.




You can follow us and subscribe to our social media platforms to stay up-to-date with news from Connecticut East This Week and to find out about the stories we'll be highlighting and for you to suggest and forward your stories and ideas directly to us.


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Meet some of the TEAM

who help to make

Connecticut East This Week

Brian Scott-Smith

Brian Scott-Smith


Brian Scott-Smith is an 'award winning' local broadcast reporter and producer with over 20 years experience in the news, TV and Radio business.

Originally from the UK, he worked for the BBC for many years as well as local commercial radio, producing programming and news

Brian has lived in the US for over 10 years and produces digital content for WSHU (NPR) in the State as well as the Hall Radio Group based in Eastern Connecticut.

He is also a podcast producer and content creative for local companies and non-profits



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